Welcome to Carta Editorial Services

My aim is to help you tell a great story. The story you just can’t put down, even after it’s finished, the characters that stay with you in your everyday life; the world you lose yourself in.

Editing can be hard work. And slow work. And comprehensive work. What is should not be is scary work, never-ending work, or chaotic work. At Carta Editorial Services I specialise in helping novice- and debut authors navigate their path to publication through a draft-to-finish approach to developmental editing and querying.

My focus is to help you improve your manuscript through encouraging and constructive feedback, focused on your strengths and your ambitions.

Genres: Psychological Thrillers, Domestic Thrillers, Mysteries, Suspense, Women’s Fiction, Epistolary Fiction, Magic Realism, Supernatural Thrillers, Urban Fantasy.

Specialities: Strong female protagonists, cat-and-mouse-games, stalkers, unreliable narrators, small-town and family dynamics, LGBTQIA+, witches, ghosts, magic and mythology, YA paranormal romance.

Target Audience: Adult, Young Adult and Middle Grade.