Let’s give your manuscript the love and attention it deserves!

Carta Editorial Services is a draft-to-finish service. I can help you get your manuscript ready for querying or self-publishing, with coaching, manuscript assessments and developmental edits.

I will work with you to make sure your manuscript lives up to its full potential, with a strong narrative spine, an engaging plot and unforgettable characters.


Psychological Thrillers · Domestic Thrillers · Mystery · Suspense · Women’s Fiction · Romance · UpLit · Urban Fantasy

Strong women protagonists · Cat-and-mouse-games · Stalkers · Cults · Unreliable narrators · Small-town and family dynamics · LGBTQIA+ · Witches · Ghosts · Magic · Epistolary Fiction/Mixed Media

Adult · Young Adult · Middle Grade

My editing style

I’m a gentle, but firm, developmental editor. While my job is to lead you to solutions, your manuscript is your manuscript, always. I will work with you to elevate your work, while keeping your ideas and voice authentic. I believe in encouraging, constructive feedback and an open dialogue about your goals and ambitions. We’ll try to have some fun along the way, too.

My background

I opened Carta Editorial Services in 2018, with an aim to provide novice- and debut authors with friendly and affordable editing services. Since then, I have worked extensively with authors from all over the world who have gone on to query or self-publish high-quality manuscripts.

I have 5 years’ experience as an editor and 17 years’ experience as a beta reader. I’m a judge at a prestigious international literary awards program and a beta reader at a leading Australian writers’ centre. My background includes journalism, fitness and agriculture. I’ve lived in Norway and the UK, and now call Australia home.

When I’m not editing, I like to read, hike, solve puzzles and kill plants in increasingly creative ways because the internet told me to. I live on a beach in WA with my partner and our two cats.