A developmental edit is an all-in-one edit that looks at all aspects of your manuscript. It evaluates your main building blocks (plot, arc, characterisation, pacing, structure, and setting), keeps a close eye on your narrative viewpoint and tension, and helps make sure you hit all the right genre conventions at the right times.

It suits both early and later stages of your writing process. The only requirement is really that you’ve come as far as you can with the manuscript on your own, and that you’re ready as an author for comprehensive feedback.

To make the most of your developmental edit, your draft should be relatively strong and clean, but there’s no need to worry about grammar and typos.

A developmental edit is sometimes also called a content edit, structural edit, substantive edit or story editing.

Feedback: A 7-15 page revision letter, and annotations in your ms.
From USD 15 per 1000 words.

Looking for less? Try a manuscript assessment or coaching.