Every good author-editor relationship starts with a sample edit. It’s a mutual quality control that helps to make sure we’re both on the same page; you get to make sure my style suits your process, and I get to make sure your material is ready for the level of feedback you’re looking for.

My sample edits are free, and there is no pressure to commit to anything more.

How to claim your sample

Send 1000 words from your manuscript in a .docx, along with any context you’re willing to share (a blurb, your ambitions as an author, what you want from your edit), to catherine@cartaedits.com.

I’ll return your marked up sample, service recommendations and custom quote within 2 working days.

How to choose your sample

Pick a section that represents the overall quality of your manuscript well, shows off your style, and includes a good mix of action and dialogue. This usually means an early section, but not your first pages or anything you’ve edited more than the rest of your manuscript. If you’re not comfortable sharing a scene from your manuscript, you can make up new material with a similar style and concept.