Editing isn’t one size fits all. Coaching puts you in charge, and lets you build your own edit. It’s a budget-friendly, flexible service that can be useful throughout the writing process.

Early Draft Assessment

I’ll read your early draft and make sure it has all its major building blocks in place, assess its publishing potential and address any specific concerns you may have. This assessment is similar to a beta read, but by a professional editor, so you get a mix of reader reactions and developmental edits.

I’ll read your full or partial draft and provide a 2-page report. The report includes a short review and 3-5 suggestions for moving forward. The suggestions are usually very big picture, like making sure your GMC is clear, arcs feel complete, that your pacing and tension are well-balanced, that you’re hitting all the right genre conventions etc. Sometimes, if your ms is in exceptionally good shape, there might be suggestions on specific plot points as well.

I’ll also include a form that asks questions about your ambitions and intentions. If you choose to use it, I’ll use your answers to make sure you’re achieving those goals.

You can use this option to make sure you’re on the right track, as a second pair of eyes before you implement bigger changes, or to make sure your manuscript is ready for a full developmental edit.

$7 / 1000 words

Gamma Read

I’ll read your nearly finished manuscript and help you catch those last inconsistencies and smaller errors left over from previous edits. (Who’s Tom? Why is it winter now? Where did the cat go?) It’s like a proofread for your content.

I’ll use Word’s comment-function to leave 30-50 annotations throughout your manuscript. This option focuses on simple fixes and highlighting outright errors, clarifications, inconsistencies, and light fact-checks. I will also highlight what’s already working well. Any suggestions provided will be on a sentence and paragraph level, and will not include developmental edits.

$9 / 1000 words

Rejection Investigation

Rejection is part of the process, and very few reasons for rejection have anything to do with either your manuscript or you. But if you’ve queried for over 9 months with rejections on fulls, or you’re getting a lot of DNFs with no reviews on your published work, something might be wrong.

I will assess your full or partial manuscript with a focus on investigating possible reasons for rejections, including measuring it against your submission package or blurb.

$5 / 1000 words

Single concern

You can also use coaching to apply a deep focus to a single concern, like pacing, head-hopping, show don’t tell, or a particularly unwieldy subplot or character.

I’ll read your full or partial manuscript and use Word’s comment-function to leave annotations throughout your manuscript. The annotations will highlight all or most instances of an issue of your choice, and provide suggestions on how to improve.

From $300

Partial manuscripts

You can also use coaching to work on only part of your manuscript. Options include:

  • To get out of a plot-hole
  • To break your writer’s block
  • To work on a particular character or arc
  • To polish your query pages or Amazon sample pages for a great first impression

From $300

Support while you write

If you’re still learning to write and you don’t want to do it alone, I can be your guide, cheerleader, sounding board and hassle-free accountability partner.

From $100 per session

Budget friendly editing

You can also use coaching to get the most out of a very tight budget. Coaching is only meant to supplement a deeper edit, but sometimes budgets only go so far, and a little bit of editing is always better than no editing at all.

From $300

Gentle feedback

If this is your very first edit, coaching can also be a pleasant introduction to receiving feedback and learning how to get the best value out of it.

It can also help seasoned authors battling author overwhelm, by limiting how much and how deep feedback you receive, no matter where you are in your process.

From $300

Query Package Assessment

I will work with you to make sure your query package puts your manuscript’s best foot forward, within the standards set by the EFA, CIEP and the greater publishing industry.

A submission package consists of your query letter, a one-page synopsis, and the first 10 pages of your novel. 


Ready for more? Try a manuscript assessment or developmental edit. Didn’t find what you were looking for above? Tell me what you need, and I’ll see what I can do.