Editing isn’t one size fits all. Coaching puts you in charge, and let’s you tailor your edit to exactly what works for you, and nothing else. It’s a very flexible service that can be useful in several scenarios. You’ll find a few suggestions below. Please email me if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

A full manuscript

You can use coaching as a way to evaluate a full draft that isn’t ready for a full edit yet. Options include:

  • To evaluate a full draft, to get it ready for a manuscript assessment or developmental edit
  • As a second pair of eyes before you implement bigger changes
  • As a quality control after a full edit
  • To apply a deep focus to a single concern, like pacing, head-hopping, show don’t tell, or a particularly unwieldy subplot or character
  • To investigate why an agent has rejected your manuscript, or why your published manuscript is getting poor reviews

A partial manuscript

You can also use coaching to work on only part of your manuscript. Options include:

  • To get out of a plot-hole,
  • To break your writer’s block
  • To work on a particular character or arc
  • To polish your opening chapters for a great first impression

Support while you write

If you’re still learning to write and you don’t want to do it alone, I can be your guide, cheerleader, and sounding board. I can also be your accountability partner and keep you on a schedule.

Budget friendly editing

You can also use coaching to get the most out of a very tight budget. Coaching is only meant to supplement a deeper edit, but sometimes budgets only go so far, and a little bit of editing is always better than no editing at all. Let me know your budget and your main priorities, and we’ll build an edit that lets you maximise limited resources.

Gentle feedback

If this is your very first edit, coaching can also be a pleasant introduction to receiving feedback and learning how to get the best value out of it.

It can also help seasoned authors battling author overwhelm, by limiting how much and how deep feedback you receive, no matter where you are in your process.

Ready for more? Try a manuscript assessment or developmental edit.